the date palm

As salamu alaikum! We are 3 muslim women and mothers who each have our own existing unique business that serves the same niche market. As friends first, we realized we had a demand for our products in the East end of the General Toronto Area (GTA). We made a plan to open a muslim collective that not only represented our own brands but other local small businesses as well. The Date Palm's branding is cohesive with our own companies and products; bright, cheerful and modern. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

Lindsay, Aneesa & Sahena

The Date Palm Co-Founders

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Contractor is the founder of Blossom & Bean, halal confectioneries. B&B has established itself as Canada's first halal candy shop and now reaches across Canada through distribution.

She is a wife and mother to Zahra who is the heart and soul of her candy company. Nothing goes to market without passing Zahra's approval first. As a revert to Islam, Lindsay was shocked to discover there were no halal alternatives for gummy candies or marshmallows that were easily accessible in Canada. She started out by making handmade halal marshmallows on her aqua blue (aka Blossom & Bean's signature colour) kitchen aid mixer and added halal gummies for sale too. It wasn't long before she realized that halal gummies were the real star of the show and she and her husband founded Zukr Co, as the Canadian importer & distributor for halal specialty products. 

Meet Aneesa

EASTERN TOYBOX began as one mother’s effort to seek out quality and meaningful educational Islamic books and toys for her children. This journey led to meeting, showcasing and collaborating with some great creative minds from around the world!

ETB founder Aneesa Bozai, is a devoted mother of two, wife, advocate and discerning businesswoman with the motivation to show case and promote social enterprise. Inspired by her time as a Montessori teacher, she began to educate herself about the many products she had the option to use in the care of her students and her own children. Organic and natural products seemed to adhere to a higher standard of quality and help to promote developmental health. So at ETB you will find a variety of products that are either fairtrade, handmade and/ or ecofriendly.

Meet Sahena

Sahena Contractor Kagdi is the founder of Hijabimama a modest clothing and hijab company. Born and raised in Leicester UK, now living in Toronto Canada. She is the wife and mother of 3, Aizah, Zarrah and Muhammed Zayn. Hijabimama was established in fall of 2012 about the same time she started to wear hijab. It was the perfect way to work from home and raise the kids and still have a creative outlet. You will always find a cup of indian chai closeby if Sahena is around.