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Behind The Name - The Date Palm

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"Why The Date Palm?" we get asked often... well here is the story.

As muslim women, we wanted something that is central to the lives of all muslims and had a bit more meaning hidden underneath. We were reminded of the beautiful hadith in Bukhari & Muslim. 


The hadith that is the inspiration for our shop's name; THE DATE PALM.

" like a muslim..." How can a tree be "like a muslim"? Then we thought. In the times and the region of the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him) this tree was quite literally an oasis. It represented so much more than just a tree. It is the giver of the sweet and nutritious date fruit and had strong roots in the deep sand. It is resilient in the harshest conditions of the hot, dry desert and it gives shade to travellers weary from the scorching sun. It is the foundation of the society of where it stands, it gives shelter, food and materials. The date palm is a very special tree, it is like no others and never dies or withers, as the hadith states.

As muslims, during trying times in the present day world, we must be resilient, we must remember our roots, we must continue to give sustenance to those who need it, we must give comfort and shade to those who are weary. The virtues of being a muslim were taught to us by our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) and we must stay true to them just as the date palm stays true to itself.  We pray that our little shop will be a shade for muslims in our community, inshaAllah. 

Salams from the founding partners of The Date Palm, Inc,

Aneesa, Sahena & Lindsay